Who We Are

For over three decades AAMP Global has been driven by a singular focus. To link your vehicle to the most advanced technology on the road. Through our family of brands – PAC, Stinger, Connects2 and EchoMaster. AAMP has consistently and continuously bridged barriers that separate you and your car from new technology. Old, new, commercial, passenger, foreign or domestic, we give you the freedom to enhance the vehicle you love with the features you crave.

AAMP Difference

Our superior engineering is the key to unlock any vehicle’s potential. AAMP engineers study each vehicle’s electric and CAN-bus systems with scientific precision. They recognize the subtle intricacies of every vehicle on the road and are able to solve most any problem by reverse engineering a solution tailored specifically to that vehicle. These one-of-a kind solutions allow us to decode or integrate, any vehicle or any competitor’s product. The AAMP lab deciphers the jargon, merging all technical details into one harmonious solution built just for you.

Who We Serve

AAMP customers are as varied as the countries they inhabit. We build custom solutions that have lured the smallest “Mom and Pop” dealers and 12 Volt specialists to the largest commercial chains, like Best Buy, and OEMs like General Motors, into productive partnerships. Through constant innovation, we provide solutions for all vehicles in industries ranging from agriculture, recreational vehicle and passenger vehicle upgrades.


Improve Your Commercial Vehicles.
With Leading-Edge Technology.
Simplify Your Fleet Managers’ Lives.
Solutions to Deliver the Features Your Customer's Crave.
Trusted Technology.
Quality You Can Count On.

Leading-Edge Technology

We design and engineer technology for improving commercial vehicles

Safety & Security, Integration, Radios, Telematics.

Customer Excellence

We go above and beyond with ongoing owner support and product warranty.

We strive for excellence, from our custom-designed technology to the technical support our MECP certified techs provide.

Strict Quality & Testing Standards

A meticulous attention to detail can be found in every product we produce.

You will find our focus in quality in the craftsmanship of every product. Leveraging in-house and external testing facilities, we ensure our products pass the rigorous standards we uphold ourselves and our products to.

Bolster Vehicle Sales

Commercial Vehicle Technology.

Motivated by our passion for vehicle technology, we are constantly striving to improve transportation. Our commercial vehicle solutions are designed using real-world driver demands.


We understand that not all customers are alike. Our team of commercial vehicle experts will work with you to create a customized solution that fulfills and exceeds your needs. Together, we will develop these solutions within our categories of expertise: vehicle integration, safety and collision avoidance, security, GPS tracking, harness design, mechanical design, installation accessories, infotainment, mobile connectivity, and high-performance audio.

Fully integrated

Engineered Solutions.

Our team of mechanical, electrical, software, application, and hardware engineers specialize in fully integrated vehicle safety, security, audio, lighting, and multimedia solutions for commercial vehicles.


Video telematics make it possible to monitor and protect your fleet.

Real-Time Video Telematics.

Complete Solution

We provide the product, software, and support - everything you need to be successful.

Customer Support

We are there for you every step of the way. From identifying the perfect telematics solution, to product activation and installation, we will get you set up right.

Customized for you

Our telematics experts will help you identify the perfect telematics solution for you. And with our customizable notifications and reporting, you will get the information you need, in real time.

State-of-the-art software

Our intuitive single platform software gives you the tools you need to make quick decisions in real time.


Streamline and standardize your installation services with custom wire harness services.


We employ the most advanced design, simulation and development tools and techniques. We have the design facilities and industrial tools to guarantee that original ideas reflect your requirements. Our computer-aided design capabilities allow us to develop detailed 3D models and 2D drawings of physical components, converting concepts into reality.


Through constant commitment to projects, our in-house capacity ensures that first-rate techniques are used throughout the development process. We strive to produce innovative solutions that not only operate alongside the vehicle’s current OEM design but aim to enhance the vehicle’s overall appeal and desirability.


Our commitment to you doesn’t end when our development does. We are here to offer installation support, through our network of installers, or through training, and ongoing support. We believe in developing long-term relationships, and your satisfaction is our top priority.


Our commitment to you doesn’t end when our development does. We are here to offer installation support, through our network of installers, or through training, and on-going support. We believe in developing long-term relationships, and your satisfaction is our top priority.


We design, engineer, and manufacture a solution built with specifications tailored to your business. From conception to launch, quality and durability are key pillars of our development process. 



Our dedicated project management and ongoing communication during the design, development and launch phases, will ensure an on time, on budget, and smooth implementation.


We stand together with you and behind our products, providing training, technical, and on-going support.

Engineering Capabilities.





Our commercial solutions provide confidence to large and small fleet managers. Learn how you can use technology to have a safer, more profitable fleet.